Monday, November 14, 2011

Promosi Makan - Nandos & The Chicken Rice Shop

Join in the fun and recite this phrase:
"Peri-Peri More-More for 4. Peri-peri syiok-syiok!
So yum-yum, every day sure-sure Peri-Peri."
Enjoy 4 juicy quarter chicken, 4 large sidelines, a fresh salad in your choice of
Portuguese or Caesar, golden wedges and a litre of Citra guarranteed to
syiok-syiok your senses.

From 10am till 3pm
Savers good lunch @ RM6.90nett
- Single combo meal
(choice of steamed / roast / soy sauce / prime honey BBQ chicken / Hainanese curry chicken)
- 1 12oz soft drink


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  1. if available kat sini mmg dah terjah awal2....sedapnyer murah plak ekk...

  2. akak...

    maaf ye , banyak qlah tak baca entri akak . lappy qlah mauk tanjung rambutan.. huwa...

    p/s: ala.. bila akak nak belanja qlah nih.. hihih .

    lap u <3

  3. dah lame x mkn kat nandos dan chic rice shop :(

  4. dah lame x mkn kat nandos dan chic rice shop :(


Thanks pada yang sudi meninggalkan komen.. really appreciate it..

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